Episode 3

Ep. 3 A conversation with two college health care experts on physical and behavioral health strategies for students, through COVID and beyond.


August 12th, 2020

21 mins 12 secs

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In August of any year, the big issue in higher education is the start of school. But in August of 2020, return to school has taken on a whole new meaning due to COVID-19 — as has the physical and emotional health of students, whether they will be on campus, learning remotely from home or following a hybrid formula. In today’s quadcast, we welcome two college student health care experts who have advice for students — and their parents — about how to navigate your physical and mental health while in college, in general, and in the time of COVID-19. Dr. Jill Grimes is a Family physician, author, and educator who works with college students in Austin, TX. Her latest book is called “The Ultimate College Student Health Handbook: Your Guide for Everything from Hangovers to Homesickness” Dr. Marcia Morris is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Florida and Associate Program Director for SHCC Psychiatry. She is the author of “The Campus Cure: A Parent’s Guide to Mental Health and Wellness for College Students.” Listen to the Quadcast here, or by searching “Mary Christie Quadcast” on Apple Podcasts.